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Document Management

In todays fast paced, need-it-now world, you need to have the ability to have information at your fingertips without leaving our work-space. Your electronic documents never get lost and are available to multiple employees. Our high-speed Multi-Functional products can convert your file cabinets into digital documents that can be searched for specific content.

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Network Management

You have enough to do at your job without the need to figure out how to keep your computers up-to-date and without issues. Let Lafayette Connect IT manage your network, updates, backups, and anti-virus software. Managed services provides a much higher uptime with a lot less frustration.

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IP Phone Systems

Lafayette Connect IT also provides Ring Central IP Phone systems. Your business can have a full featured phone system without spending thousands of dollars. Complete with an auto-attendant and voicemail options our Ring Central phone systems are completely customizable.

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Managed Email

Lafayette Connect IT also can host your email, removing the burden of remembering how to set up and edit your email when adding employees.

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Data Backups

Lafayette Connect IT is a proud provider of DataSafe offsite backups. This is an inexpensive insurance policy for what could be a business’s worst day.

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